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Did you know there's actually THREE "Bowman Fields" (airports)? Yep, the one in Louisville, plus one in Maine, and one in Montana.

Bowman was Kentucky's first commercial airport and is the oldest continually operating commercial airfield in not just the U.S. but all of North America.

Abram H. Bowman, the airport's namesake, was an aviation geek way back during WW1 and eventually leased a spot of land from the government to start up the airfield in 1921. The first business venture was an aerial photography business in 1921, followed by the 465th Pursuit Squadron (Reserve) which began operations at Bowman Field in 1922.

Lucky Lindy (Charles Lindbergh) flew the Spirit of St. Louis to the airport back in '27 -- a spectacle that drew more than 10,000 onlookers. 

In the late 20s and 30s, Eastern, TWA, and Continental all flew in and out of Bowman Field, but when Standiford Field opened in 1947, the commercial airline biz went there.

During WW II, Bowman Field was not only one of the nation's most important training bases but it was also the nation's busiest airport. Bowman became known as "Air Base City" when a bomber squadron moved in and nearly 2,000 recruits did their basic training there.

Now, it's just a cool, art deco'y place where private planes go in and out. And cool, non-deco'y people eat at Le Relais.


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