About us

Welcome to The Uncommonwealth of Kentucky!

We're a small, but vibrant collective of native Commonwealthians who love to design as much as we love every inch of our 120 county glory. We hope you'll take a gander and keep coming back. Our goal is to create a new product every week and we're bettin' there's something that'll be perfect for you or someone you know!

Where do we get updates?

First off, sign up for our newsletter that will give you advance notice of products and special newsletter-only discounts. Secondly, join us on Facebook or contact us directly on Facebook Messenger.

Are we all Kentuckians?

Yep. Born and bred.

Where is The Uncommonwealth located?

Figuratively in our heart. Literally in Louisville.

Are you really in Kentucky?
Was your next sentence “Or just some carpetbagger from New York”? Heavens, yes, our Uncommonwealth owners are born and bred Kentuckians; and both live in Louisville. Went to Murray State, U of L, and UK. We’ve lived in Louisville, Lexington, Paducah, Sonora, Draffenville and all parts in between. We eat burgoo and modjeskas, and we don’t drink Tennessee whiskey. We’re about as Kentuckian as you can get. 
Blue or Red?
We embrace all colors and save the hate for out-of-state.
Why do we sell the products we sell? 

We want to keep our product line simple and affordable. Our focus is on things that people like to have to represent their fondness for Kentucky, be it a t-shirt, a mug, a cap, iPhone case, etc.