Fathers Day Deal of Deals!

The Uncommonwealth is celebrating Dad's Day 2018 in a big way! Caps, t-shirts, and now embroidered polo shirts!


Every purchase of $30 or more will get you a free, autographed copy of Gary Guthrie's trivia tome, 'The Greatest Sports Trivia Throwdown of All-Time,' a $14.95 value.

Everyone from The Bayonne Bleeder to the Pomona-Pitzer Sagehens are fair game in this not-for-the-faint-of-heart sports trivia challenge. Written for true sports junkies, The Greatest Sports Trivia Throwdown of All-Time will test you on anything that has (or takes) balls.

And, for those who love a good backstory, this book will bring to life the nooks, crannies, and people behind the answers. Lots of football, basketball, baseball, college sports, golf, Olympic sports, and even the odd duck badminton and cricket question. You might not know all the answers, but you will come away with enough interesting bits of trivia to trump most any know-it-all you run into.

TO QUALIFY for the book, you must be one of the first 20 people to purchase $30+ and use the promo code "dadsport". That promo code will also knock off a dollar from your total purchase. Books will be sent out separately from the other items and shipped out after June 4, 2018. PLEASE NOTE: We need the name of the person Gary will be autographing the book to. You can add that into the order form.