Ron & Terry's WLRS Morning Sickness

Ron Clay & Terry Meiners owned the Louisville airwaves in the 1980s with a no-holds-barred satirical, sarcastic broadcast party every morning on WLRS-102. Clay, the jaded hipster, and Meiners, the smart aleck preppie, clowned on politicians, celebrities, and local bigshots with razor sharp wit and no apologies.  

Their imaginary friends like Jeff the ignorant producer, Floyd & Ernie Knurd, Wino Jimmy, Old Guy, Gertrude Lovelace, and Troy Liplock brought con men, wild women, and free whiskey to juice the hazy studio audience.

In spite of their devotion to debauchery, Ron & Terry still found time for sensitive public service duties at the Home for Unwed Mothers and the Children Without Foreheads Foundation.

Regional radio has never quite been the same since Terry the Traitor ran away to do nerd radio and Ron returned to a California hippie commune.

Louisville is much better without them. Once the police chief chased Ron & Terry out of town, the volume of ubiquitous misspelled graffiti plummeted.

The Uncommonwealth of Kentucky would like to pay tribute to Ron & Terry’s “Morning Sickness” show on WLRS with this throwback shirt. Seventy percent of the profit from the sale of each item will go to the WHAS Crusade for Children.

This shirt won’t be around here long, though. When the curtain closes on this year’s Crusade, it does on this, too. So, get yours now -- celebrate the great memories you have of Ron & Terry and support the WHAS Crusade for Children.

Also available is the "Morning Sickness" mug. Take a look at that, too.

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